Friday, November 13, 2009

Week 11, day 5

Bible: We reviewed the most recent 2 memory verses and 3 catechism questions, and read about how 4 lepers discovered that the siege of Samaria was over.

Calendar: Conveniently, it was exactly 1:30 when we recorded the time, so P was able to figure out the time all by herself. Yep, I was super lazy this morning.

Handwriting: P finished her numbers workbook! This took a rather long time, as it involved writing all the numbers from 1 to 30 about 10 times, but she decided she wanted to finish it and refused to stop until she was done. I filled out the certificate in the back of the book and we hung it on the wall of their room.

Language Arts: We played with the letter cards, making CVC words using letters we've already learned. E still struggles to remember the sound of the letter I, but can sound out any word with "a" in the middle and consonants he knows. Both kids read Fun Tales readers, E read the first one independently but slowly and P (while spinning around in circles) read the second one fluently.

Math: P still struggled a bit with rewriting a problem in vertical format. I may need to take this off 5-a-days again for a bit and review it more intensively with her.

E's "school": I ordered a pile of Kumon workbooks (Mazes and Cutting for E, Number Games 1-70 and 1-150 for P) which arrived today. While P was finishing her numbers workbook, E did about 12 mazes and 9 scissor activities. His idea with mazes seems to be to seek out every side path, even when he knows how to get to the end more quickly, but it does give him practice tracing inside a defined space. I insisted that he hold his pencil correctly, and he got better and better at picking it up correctly with each maze he did. His scissor skills are pretty good, comparable to P's at half a year older.

I finally assembled an assortment of items that will sink or float, but we didn't get around to placing them in water. We may do that tomorrow.

Geography and/or science: P made most of a book about the British Isles, including flags of Great Britain and Ireland, a map with the different countries coloured different colours, a Scottish man in a kilt, Westminster Abbey, and Queen Elizabeth I. There are still 2 pages left to fill, so we'll probably do that tomorrow.

Other: P's ballet performance is tomorrow, so this evening was her dress rehearsal. She got to watch the other (all older) kids' performances as well as practicing her own, and was impressed at how well they did.

We're about to take a 2-week break from school! On Monday, P has a 10:00 dentist appointment, so I'm not inclined to bother with school for just that day. Ari and I are going away, just the two of us, from Tuesday to Saturday morning, and Saturday evening we'll all fly to North Carolina to visit my parents for Thanksgiving week. So, presumably there'll be no regular updates until December. Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

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