Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Bible: We reviewed the most recent 3 memory verses and introduced the next catechism question, as well as reading about how God sent fire in response to Elijah's prayer.

Calendar: It was 11:58 by the time we recorded the temperature, and I showed P how 11:58 turns into 12:00 just 2 minutes later. She seems to mostly grasp telling time most of the time, but still needs a lot of practice.

Handwriting: P did a page of her phonics workbook, which involved no handwriting, so I had her write her full name at the top of the page. I also had her write yesterday's copywork from dictation.

Language Arts: P was to "write a book" - given an 8-page booklet with illustrations only, she needed to discern and dictate the storyline. It turned out quite well, and her story made sense and was easy to follow.

Both kids read Fun Tales books: E read the first one by himself with occasional hints, and P read the second one with a good deal of fluency. Since P has the first one memorized, I don't see the point in having her practice "reading" it.

Math: I included several questions that approached the topic of "place value" indirectly: she was to put a < sign between 12 and 21, and use dimes and pennies to make both 13 cents and 31 cents. She made 31 cents with 2 dimes and 11 pennies, but when I asked if she could trade up she immediately saw that 10 of the pennies could be replaced by a dime. She thought it was interesting that 13 cents was made of 1 dime and 3 pennies, while 31 cents was made of 3 dimes and 1 penny. I asked her how many dimes and pennies it would take to make 22 cents and 43 cents, and she answered correctly.

E's "school": We read "Jack and the Beanstalk" from The Tall Book of Nursery Tales, and reread some of the poems.

Geography and/or science: Today's Titmouse Club theme was seeds. In addition to talking about the way seeds grow into plants by pushing a root down and a shoot up, they discussed what kinds of seeds people eat. We all ate popcorn, and the kids did a craft involving gluing seeds to a popsicle-stick picture frame. On the nature walk the kids kept their eyes open for seeds in the path, and found a few different kinds. Ari and I pointed out at dinner tonight that our meal, lentils and rice, consisted mostly of cooked seeds.

Other: P reluctantly practiced her ballet routine. She knows it pretty well and is unconvinced that further practice is necessary, but I reasoned with her and she eventually submitted. Really, once she gets started, she enjoys it, but I think reluctance to practice is part of being five.

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