Monday, April 21, 2014

It's guessing time!

It's time to solicit guesses for Baby Number Five. Comment to enter your prediction for the baby's gender, birth weight, and birth date. Here is some relevant information.

I calculated the due date at May 8th. My midwife calculated it at April 27th, and my measurements have been consistent with her calculation, but hers was based on LMP and mine on ovulation, so I'm more inclined to trust mine. Past history: baby 1 came 2 days early, baby 2 was 8 days early, baby 3 was 7 days early (all relative to dates I had calculated based on ovulation), and baby 4 was 5 days early (relative to my calculation) or 8 days early (relative to my midwife's calculation).

Previous babies have weighed in at 9 lb 11 oz (I gained about 40 lb with her), 8 lb 2 oz (I gained roughly 25 lb), 9 lb 7 oz (I gained 35ish), and 8 lb 3 oz (I gained 25-30). So far I've gained about 25 lb with this one.

Gender: we have one girl and 3 boys. I have one brother and no sisters; Ari has two brothers and no sisters. P has been praying for a sister for many years, and has gotten a brother twice since she started praying for a sister. We tried to find out the gender at the 20-week ultrasound, but Baby kept knees together and all we got was a non-significant non-detection (if the ultrasound tech had to guess, she would say girl, but she really didn't have enough information to go on). I'm carrying what looks like a basketball strapped to my front, from behind you can't tell I'm pregnant. Many strangers are convinced this means that Baby is a boy. Many more are convinced it means Baby is a girl. Baby's heart rate has been 120-140 beats per minute pretty consistently, which my midwife thinks makes Baby more likely to be a boy, though I asked Google and there's no study showing any correlation.

So go ahead and throw out your guesses! I don't have any nifty prizes for the winner, just public recognition here and on my Facebook page.

For the record, here's what I'm hoping for, which will count as my guess - we'll see how reality corresponds: girl, 8 lb 2 oz, April 28 (my mom is flying in on April 27 and leaving May 8).