Sunday, February 20, 2011

Disadvantages of fratricide...

It's been ages! Sorry...

At lunch on Friday, my sister-in-law Michelle was eating with us and we were discussing the joys of having a sister. P looked at us mournfully and announced that she only has brothers: Ari and I need to work on fixing this for her. I reminded her that, if another baby were to join our family, there's only about a 50% chance that it would be a sister, and if it were a brother, she'd be stuck with THREE. However, Michelle reminded P that when her brothers grow up, they will likely get married, and she'll get sisters that way - and appreciate them more, through not having fought with them throughout childhood. I think it was Ari who commented, tongue-in-cheek, "So, sisters-in-law might be the reward you get for not killing your brothers."

Without missing a beat, P replied, "I guess Abimelech missed out on his reward."

She's been paying attention during Bible reading.


  1. Hahaha!!! That is too funny.
    And, sisters-in-law are awesome blessings...I love all of mine!