Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Week 22, day 2

Tuesday: Science. Today's theme at Titmouse Club was wildflowers. The kids heard about how a flower's job is to make seeds, and a little about how that happens. They read a book about how a sunflower grows from seed to tall flower to many seeds, and another really fun book about a small girl who protects a single wildflower from her father's lawnmower and the protected area expands with the flowers until her entire neighbourhood is a meadow. They made paper flowers, and then we went for a nature walk during which we saw two bullfrogs and a number of wildflowers, including some edible ones (I wasn't too excited about the taste) and some violets.

Back home, we got through our review and read two books. The first one was about a seed, by Eric Carle, which led to a discussion of why some flowers produce many, many seeds (because some seeds land in inappropriate places, or are eaten). The other was an Audubon Society field guide, and we only looked at the first section, which detailed plant parts (flower, stem, leaves, roots) and flower parts. After lunch I had a dentist appointment, so that was all the school we did today.

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  1. Your theme reminds me of the book about the Lupine Lady (I think that is also the title). E loves it.