Saturday, January 23, 2010

Week 16, day 4

Bible (Catechism, Bible story, memory verse): We reviewed the memory verse and catechism question, and read about how Jesus walked on water.

Calendar (Update day of week and date of month, record weather and temperature): The weather was still beautifully warm, and we enjoyed it more after lunch.

Handwriting: I had P trace "b" and "d" on her dry-erase letter cards, and then practice writing them correctly on the whiteboard. She also rewrote yesterday's sentence from dictation.

Language Arts: P read the reader easily and accurately. We played a guessing game where I described an animal and gave its starting sound, and the kids guessed which animal it was. They then took turns describing animals - P did this fairly well, and E hemmed and hawed for a while before copying one of P's descriptions verbatim.

E's "school": We read all the remaining stories in The Tall Book of Nursery Tales: The Princess and the Pea, The Little Red Hen, and Chicken Little. We also played the "yes/no statements" game again, which he continued to enjoy tremendously.

Math (5-a-day, other activities): P did her 5-a-day quickly and easily this time. Today (Saturday), she put her coin-counting abilities into practice by going out and buying a scarf for her grandmother (I'm not sure why, but it was really sweet of her to want to spend her own allowance). She counted up her amassed savings, determined that she had enough, and once she'd paid I showed her how to count her change.

Geography and/or science: Again, nothing formal, but we did spend a good amount of time outside doing yard work (mostly pulling up huge ragweed stalks). P noticed the root structure of the ragweed and we talked about what an impressively good job the roots did of holding the plants in the ground. P pulled apart the stalks and found some white spongy material on the inside.

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