Thursday, October 22, 2009

Week 8, day 3

Bible: We read the story of Gideon's selection of 300 men for his army and their defeat of the Midianite horde. Coming up with motions for this week's memory verse was tricky (For by grace you have been saved, through faith...) but P is making good progress anyway. It seems that any kind of arm motion does the trick, whether it's really relevant to the words or not.

Calendar: Still cool. Hooray!

Handwriting: P did 3 pages of the phonics workbook, which involved filling in bubbles (apparently, the book prepares kids for standardized testing, which I hope to avoid unless absolutely necessary) representing images with the same starting sound, ending sound, or middle sound. Since this required no handwriting, I required her to write her name neatly at the top of each page. Since the letters in her name are fairly common, having her practice making them neatly won't hurt.

Language Arts: She traced 3 words (more handwriting practice, of a sort) and then we played a game with letter cards for the letters we've covered so far. I put the first 2 letters of a word in place, and she was to find the final letter. E was able to participate easily, as well: I would put out "ba" and ask him to turn it into "bat", and he unhesitatingly placed a t at the end and sounded out the word.

Math: P did her 5-a-day nicely, enjoying decorating the coin rubbings again.

E's "school": We skipped this. E didn't request it or anything else.

Geography and/or Science: We read the "How Are Babies Made?" section of the Flip-Flap Body Book. This took a while, as we discussed what "our" baby was doing some months ago, is doing now, and will do once it's time for him to be born.

Other: I asked P to practice her piano piece by herself, and she did well. E and Ari caught a red-ear turtle and almost caught a snapping turtle (I'm really glad they didn't succeed) while P was at ballet.

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